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part of that is, i think, they should be investing in the women's team. this isn't liverpool women's home ground. they usually play at prenton park, owned by tranmere rovers, but the condition of the pitch has seen two games postponed this year already, leading to fans asking if the women's side is funded adequately. the window's closed anyway, so even if i did have bags of money, i couldn't buy any players. so it's really important for me as the manager that i don't get emotional about anything else apart from making sure our players are performing every week and we make the most of what we've got. this defeat means liverpool women stay second bottom of the table. when five seasons ago they were the title winners. but since then, other clubs have invested heavily in their women's teams and have overtaken them. at london colney, we are part of the group and part of the family and if we need to tap into, whether it's medical, whether it's sports science, whether it's coaching, we tap into all areas, whether it is the academy or the first team, men's, and we all work together. in a statement, the club said...
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as the women's game grows globally, standing still isn't an option. and for liverpool women's fans, they will hope their team doesn't miss the bus. jane dougall, bbc news, chester. time for a look at the weather. here's stav. good afternoon. storm dennis is hurtling towards our shores for the week and, likely to be impact from wind and rain, several yellow warnings for wind and rain, amber warnings for wind and rain, amber warnings in force across the country as well. i will show you a detail of where they are on saturday, southern scotland, northern england, much of central and southern wales and the south—west of england over the moors could see very high rainfall totals,
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risk of flooding. sunday, heavy rain in the south—east, the south downs with heavy rain with the risk of flooding. before we reach that point, storm dennis is in the atlantic, this frontal system will sweep across the country this afternoon, the rain arriving for essential parts of the uk around 3pm, but ahead of its, stein dry consistently in the south—east. blustery and lots of showers in the north. —— stay in dry. turning windier. temperatures rising too but a chilly night to come in northern areas with clear skies. saturday, storm dennis pushing on, widespread gales and heavy rain. saturday, looks like the heaviest of the rain will be in northern and western parts of the country. bright colours indicating that over the hills. very windy but very mild. you might not
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notice because of the rain and the strength of the winds will be gusting 40—50 mph in mind, may be even higher than southern and western coasts, 60—70 mph. storm dennis with us saturday night, stormy night, and then the weather front transferring to the south—east, hence the amber rain warning for south—eastern areas as the rain piles on and very strong moisture laden winds. lots of wind arrows a cross moisture laden winds. lots of wind arrows across the board, not windy day, mild in the south, cooler in the north. might cease knowing insta nt the north. might cease knowing instant allotment. sunday night and first thing monday, damaging winds in scotland, up to 75 mph, could be in time for monday morning rush—hour, stay tuned to the weather forecast for the latest weather warnings. that's all from the bbc news at one
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— now on bbc one we join the bbc‘s news teams where you are. hello there. you're watching bbc news atjust gone 1.30. i'm ben croucher with a round up from the bbc sport centre. there is no case for relocating or cancelling tokyo 2020 according to the world health organization. with a number of sporting events across asia being affected by the coronavirus, there were fears the olympics and paralympics could also be hit. the ioc has been told it should be able to be held as planned. itjust reinforced our confidence that the measures being taken by the relevant authorities are properly addressing the situation along with china and that we will be able to ensure that the games go ahead, and they go ahead in a way
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that is safe for the athletes and the spectators. staying with the olympics, and mo salah could be playing in them. he's been included in egypt's provisional squad — the final of which is on 8th august — when the 2020—21 premier league gets underway. a dilemma maybe for his manager at liverpooljurgen klopp, who wants more information before deciding if they'll let him play. doi do i want to lose a player in the preseason? of course not, that is clear. but we have two consider different things, and i will speak with no end all that stuff. we are com pletely with no end all that stuff. we are completely clear about what we want, but we need more information. rory mcilroy will tee off at around quarter to eight this evening in the second round of the pga tour event in california, hoping to build
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on an impressive start. he's tied for seventh, making two eagles on the opening day to lie on 3 under par — that's four shots behind leader matt kuchar. mcilroy said he was feeling good, too, taking part in his first tournament since becoming world number one for an eighth time. england'sjodi ewart shadoff says she must remain patient as she heads into the weekend at the australian open in a share of the lead. five birdies in her second round put her level with former world number one inbee park. england captain eoin morgan says his side have lots to learn leading up to this year's t20 world cup. england lost the first of three t20 internationals against south africa on wednesday. the second takes place in durban at 4 o'clock. bowler chrisjordan has explained how they'll come back from that one run defeat and how he feels england are in a good place ahead of the t20 world cup which takes place in australia in october..
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this team now has been together for quite some time now. there is a lot of experience in the team. actually, a lot of the guys in the team have played in a lot of franchised cricket around the world as well, so been put under immense pressure. at various times in their careers. as a team, we are in a good place. like anything with tournaments and anything, you just want to gather momentum going into that tournament. seven of the worlds top 10 snooker players are into the last eight at the welsh open. two former world champions are on the table in cardiff right now. ronnie o'sullivan taking on mark selby. o'sullivan won the first four frames — including a 1—4—2 break in the second. currently 37 points all in that frame. bbc two wales, red button and online if you want to follow this one. you're up to date.
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reminder, the premier league is back tonight, too, with wolves against leicester. build up to that and all the weekend's football on the website and app. holly hamilton will have more after 2 o'clock. united nations officials are saying tens of thousands of people have fled northern syria just in the past 48 hours as fighting intensified in the provinces of idlib and aleppo. 60% of those fleeing are said to be children. it's thought 800,000 people have left the area since december. russell trott has this report. it is freezing in northern syria. this camp has been overwhelmed with families trying to find somewhere to live and something to eat. translation: the situation here is very difficult. it is snowing, the temperature is below zero. we are staying in a tent because rent for a house costs between $100—200. but being out in the open is still preferable to this.
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unrelenting air strikes by russian forces causing untold damage. russia supports the government of bashar al—assad and its mission to regain control of rebel held territories. translation: we were sitting in the village and suddenly the aircraft hit, look at the destruction. what would we do to bashar? let him go to the front line. i want to know what we did to him. turkey, which supports the rebels, has accused moscow of deliberately targeting civilians. moscow denies this. towns have been left deserted. turkey has sent reinforcements to the border, warning it will strike back if turkish soldiers are hurt. 13 have been killed so far this month. the tension is rising between turkey and russia and this is where it is being felt, i,600km away from ankara
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——600km and 3,000km from moscow. russell trott, bbc news. the body of a missing british woman has been found by police in new zealand. stephanie simpson is thought to have gone on a hike last weekend in the mount aspiring national park in the country's south island. the police have previously found items belonging to the 32 year—old from essex. a little earlier i spoke to our sydney correspondent, shaimaa khalil. the search for stephanie simpson has been going on for a week, from monday when she was reported missing because she failed to keep an appointment, to late afternoon today, friday. we understand her body was found in the pyke creek, in a canyon in the pyke creek area. this is nowhere near where she had gone hiking. we understand from mark kirkwood, the officer in charge, that she had gone off the hiking track into a waterfall,
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suggesting that her body had washed up into that canyon. he said, however, there are no suspicious circumstances in her death, that this appeared to be a sad accident and her body is now being referred to the coroner. any idea of exactly why it has taken so long to find that body? the police have said that this is a very dangerous and very big terrain. it's a very mountainous area. we understand 50 people have been involved in that search. helicopters, drones, dog teams, all have been involved in that search, but it has taken that long by the nature of that terrain. we know that her family, her mother and otherfamily members, have travelled to new zealand because they said at some point they were at their wits' end. they didn't know what happened. they travelled. they were at the search site close to where the body was found and they were able
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to identify her in the end. a family in cardiff are raising money to be reunited with their seven year old son, who's living in an orphanage in pakistan. the couple travelled to the uk last year with two of their three children to get medical treatment for their other son, who's paralysed from the neck down. the eldest stayed in pakistan with his grandmother, but she's since become too unwell to look after him. nick palit reports. both my sons... this was ashar and shahryar in pakistanjust a year ago in happier, healthier times. seven—year—old ashar is now in an orphanage, while the rest of the family are here getting medical treatment for five—year—old shahryar. after school one day, he was suddenly struck down with a genetic condition, methylmalonic acidemia, which causes seizures and strokes. after two days, he was unconscious and then we were were finally told he wasn't able to speak,
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wasn't able to move, wasn't able to eat something. he was paralysed. after treatment in pakistan didn't work, the family borrowed more than £70,000 to pay for specialist care at great ormond street hospital in london. they were unable to get visas for the whole family and had to leave seven—year—old ashar at home with his grandmother — they thought, just for a few weeks. those weeks turned into months. then their grandmother became too frail to look after ashar, and he was put in an orphanage. he was saying that it was only 30 days, but it was too long a time. why are you not back still? now, with treatment ongoing, the family realise they can't pay back the money they borrowed and are fearful of returning to pakistan. this family have claimed asylum in the uk because they paid for treatment in both pakistan and in the uk by borrowing money. the people who they lent the money off are now threatening the family.
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there is also a religious persecution element to it, but also, there is the humanitarian element, the right that we all have to family life. as well as the asylum claim, the family are trying to raise funds to get ashar out of the orphanage tojoin them in cardiff. jo stevens has asked the home secretary to waive the visa fee and is hoping the family can eventually be reunited. jackson carlaw has been elected as leader of the scottish conservatives. mr carlaw, who's been interim leader since the resignation of ruth davidson in august, beat the only other candidate, michelle ballantyne. and we can speak to jackson carlaw now who joins us from holyrood. thank you for being with us. first of all, ruth davidson is quite a ha rd of all, ruth davidson is quite a hard act to follow. absolutely, i think she has been the outstanding scottish conservative politician of my lifetime. only alex douglas hume backin my lifetime. only alex douglas hume back in the 60s could have had the
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same cut through, but ruth has built up same cut through, but ruth has built upa team, same cut through, but ruth has built up a team, we are hugely energised, and it is a great privilege to follow on from her. i have a mandate today, a mandate with a purpose, and iam today, a mandate with a purpose, and i am absolutely determined scottish conservatives are going to offer the people of scotland an alternative to the snp after a0 years at our own general election in scotland next year. how are you going to stop the snp actually winning yet again in scotland? every single public service in scotland goes into this new decade in a worse position than it was just a year ago. they are mired in difficulty and failure now, both morally and politically, they are both morally and politically, they a re pretty both morally and politically, they are pretty well bankrupt. we have not been focusing on that domestic agenda. we have almost spent a decade going on about constitutional politics, and i think people want to draw a line under that. we are outside of the european union, the rest of the united kingdom is finding a way to make a success of that, commerce that has to be our priority. we will see notable constitutional politics —— we will say no to note constitutional
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politics. so it should be easy for you to defeat them. i don't think we are there yet, i think we can see everything that has gone wrong with the snp and the failure in public service. i think the responsibility on us now service. i think the responsibility on us now in drawing a line under constitutional politics brings us together in giving an alternative to people that they can support. for some people, that'll be a surprise, but i am resolved we will, and i think the people are looking for an alternative, so i am determined that is something we can offer. that has begun, we will look at the policies we have had, think whether they are still appropriate, and i think we will leave them behind. that might provoke some controversy, and make us provoke some controversy, and make us take different positions to the rest of our colleagues in the united kingdom. iam not rest of our colleagues in the united kingdom. i am not bothered rest of our colleagues in the united kingdom. iam not bothered by rest of our colleagues in the united kingdom. i am not bothered by that. what is important is we have the right policy agenda in scotland so that we can win in 2021. some people will question whether you are the right man to lead the scottish conservatives. for example, you
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helped with the general election campaign last year, and you lost have your seats. we have obvious they just had an have your seats. we have obvious theyjust had an election, and i won 7596 theyjust had an election, and i won 75% of the vote. somebody told me thatis 75% of the vote. somebody told me that is more than boris, david camera or with one in their own elections. i have the support of the party. that election was very difficult for us. we would have preferred the election to have taken place after we left the european union, given their support for europe in scotland. frankly, the effort the snp had made to scaremonger people a little bit like in the millennium bug at the turn—of—the—century, almost as if the world was going to stop, i think people will now see the government is focused on making a success of that, and the agenda can change. our share of the vote held up pretty well, and if we had had that chair of the vote in a scottish election, we would have more msps than we have right now, but that is not an ambition. what we did in the past is ambition. what we did in the past is a glass ceiling, we wanted to be a platform and offer something different. do you think the share of
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public opinion in scotland is shifting towards independence, because the latest opinion polls indicate that it is? 52% in favour and independence. we have a couple of balls that put it 5050, and given the insert —— concern and scaremongering, i'm surprised i didn't shift even further. i think we can win her back. we need to come up we can win her back. we need to come up with new arguments for the union. i don't think talking about what we achieved historically is as meaningful to young people, so we have to come up with a new narrative to the union, and show people why, for the next 50 years, the union is the right thing for them. that is certainly a challenge, but those same opinion polls also say there is a huge majority against any further independence referendum. people do not want the next ten years to be about constitutional politics. they wa nt about constitutional politics. they want it to be about scotland, their well—being and their future, that is what we are determined to make it. an argument on how we can use
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devolution to improve their lives, and that is the alternative be offering. poor let's talk about borisjohnson, offering. poor let's talk about boris johnson, because offering. poor let's talk about borisjohnson, because ruth did not have a good relationship with her. i have a good relationship with her. i have just spoken with the prime minister, he was incredibly supportive, he was committed to the united kingdom and i am committed to working with him. what a difference it would make to scotla nd what a difference it would make to scotland if we had a government that works in partnership with the uk government, and not just works in partnership with the uk government, and notjust reasons to shout at each other. next year, we will be offering that partnership, but i said to the prime minister and he understands this. he was mayor of london and had to stand up for london and had to stand up for london when david cameron was a minister, and my responsibility now is to put scotland's‘s case first. i will be working with the prime minister and the uk government, seeking to do the best we can to ensure that we make the success of life outside of the european union, and he knows i'd expect i will be a champion for scotland as that is my job. he is not allowing another independence referendum. of course,
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the argument of that, by not allowing that, it is just going to stoke up resentment and drive up support for independence. you have the snp central narrative of pat.|j am puta the snp central narrative of pat.|j am put a few —— i am putting a few challenging questions to you. no i don't accept that. we had a referendum in 201a. don't accept that. we had a referendum in 2014. 2 million people voted to remain within the united kingdom. even in the general election, the share of the vote that went to parties that support the united kingdom was still about 55%, the same share that voted for the united kingdom in 201a, and i understand the snp. it is not a political party, it is in evangelical faith —based cult, political party, it is in evangelicalfaith —based cult, and thatis evangelicalfaith —based cult, and that is why nicola sturgeon to get brussels to brussels to talk about independence again. here in scotland, we have a feeling that make it is ourjob to hold them to account and are sure that the agenda
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next year is the future, the devolved comment, and we want to offer an alternative for those who wa nt offer an alternative for those who want something different. ican want something different. i can assure you that when i speak to nicola sturgeon, i put equally challenging questions to her. to nicola sturgeon, i put equally challenging questions to herlj understand you're being very kind to me on valentine's day. anyway, thank you very much for being with us. the antarctic has recorded a temperature of more than twenty degrees celsius for the first time since records began. although scientists say this may be a one—off and not part of a long—term trend, it raises concerns about climate change. the reading of 2.75 degrees was taken by a brazilian team on seymour island. tim allman reports. time—lapse photography — showing a huge sheet of ice falling apart. this is the pine island glacier, known as pig, giving birth to a piglet.
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a ginormous iceberg, around 300 square kilometres in size, which, scientists say, eventually broke up and shattered into pieces. another example of how rising temperatures are having a devastating effect on the antarctic. this is maxwell bay, where a chilean research team is based, but something is missing... ..snow. there hasn't been any this year and that is becoming increasingly normal. translation: these maximum temperatures used to occur once every thousand years. then every hundred years, and now we're seeing them, i think, in the order of decades. i think that's a consequence of climate change. this latest temperature, nearly a degree higher than the previous record, could be an outlier but that seems unlikely. scientists say there is a noticeable trend — the antarctic ice sheet is melting.
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if it disappears completely, as many fear it will, global sea levels could rise by more than three metres. that would transform the face of the planet. tim allman, bbc news. heavy rain and strong winds are set to hit the uk for a second consecutive weekend. the met office has issued severe weather warnings ahead of the arrival of storm dennis, covering england, wales and large parts of scotland on saturday, and the entire uk on sunday. much of yorkshire is expected to be hit again. ian white has been to brighouse to see preparations as region braces itself for another battering from the weather. at the weekend, west yorkshire fire and rescue service was inundated with hundreds of calls as west yorkshire flooded. one of the men on the scenes was ronnie. you are commanding some of the incidents there. tell us how bad things were.
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i led there. tell us how bad things were. ileda there. tell us how bad things were. i led a queerfire fighters in the calder valley. —— i led a crew of firefighters. no this is essential when you have one of these big floods taking place. we can get into inaccessible places, we have an engine on, we can get to where people are trapped. we are thinking about storm dennis, and worrying times for the calder valley. it would be right to take precautions. we have a flood warning in place, which means a medium impact on not just the calder valley, but oliver we st just the calder valley, but oliver west yorkshire. i would suggest that people start to gather medication they have, food supplies, and whatever they do, do not winds out into the flood water in vehicles or on foot because you're putting yourself at unnecessary risk or danger. we know things could be bad because river levels are high and
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the ground is saturated. the grant has been saturated from the significant flooding last week, the river levels are high. hopefully, fingers crossed, it will not be as bad as it has been potentially been predicted, but as i say, it is wise people take precautions. now it's time for a look at the weather with stav. hello there. the weekend is nearly upon us and we await the arrival of storm dennis. we have a number of yellow weather warnings in force for wind and rain, but also some amber weather warnings for heavy rain affecting parts of england and wales during the course of the weekend. saturday, heavy and persistent rain will be across northern and western areas, across the pennines, northern england, central wales, north to south there, and also the for the moors of south—west england, but on sunday, heavier rain transfers to the north. looks like the south downs will take
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part in that as well. before the weekend, that is storm dennis behind me, and that weather front will spread across the country during the course of this afternoon. so the rain will be quite heavy, reaching central areas by around the middle part of the afternoon. ahead of it, staying dry until after dark, and behind it, windy with scattered showers, wintry on the high ground. the rain reaches the south—east and east anglia as we head through the overnight period and see more rain pushing towards the south—west. to the north, lengthy clear spells, so could be quite chilly overnight. milder further south, temperatures in double figures. into saturday, storm dennis arrives, turning wetter and windier across the board. that rain is heavy and persistent, piling into northern and western areas, hence the amber warnings across some areas. further south—east, very blustery with heavy showers moving through at times. temperature, double values across the south, but if you take into account the wind, it could be 60 mph in places with 70
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mph plus on the coast, and it won't feel that mild. lots of isobars on the charts, as we head on into sunday as storm dennis continues to bring wet and windy weather. some of the heaviest of the rain and persistent rain pushing into southern and eastern areas, moisture piling into the south downs, hence the amber warning. further north and west, very windy and widespread gales, rain turning to snow over the scottish mountains, mild again in the south. sunday night, we see a sting in dennis's tail, as a string of isobars run through scotland, bringing winds of up to 80 mph. stay tuned for the forecast, as storm dennis is to bring heavy rain, severe gales and disruption.
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hello, you're watching afternoon live. i'm martine croxall. today at 2:00. a landmark free speech victory at the high court, for a man who was warned by police about allegedly transphobic messages on social media. this is a watershed moment for liberty. the police were wrong to visit my workplace, wrong to check my thinking. borisjohnson‘s new cabinet meets for the first time since yesterday's dramatic resignation of the chancellor sajid javid. we are here to deliver for the people of this country, who elected us to serve them. the people's government has to get on with delivering the people's priorities, and in the next few years we must get on with our basic work. the number of cases of mumps in england — at its highest for a decade.


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